Hovey Brock
The basic question that guides my practice is “What is subjective experience?” Is it an illusion, an epiphenomenon of our conscious processes, or something else? Different media give me different perspectives. In painting, I observe how my own consciousness plays out as the recursive process of building a surface creates the work. The time-based medium of video mirrors the flow of subjective experience. In social practice, I see how my self-awareness requires a social context in order to come into being.

My research has taken me into a labyrinth of topics but none of these have provided definitive answers as to what subjective experiences actually are. In the end I only have my intuition to guide me. I make art because it is uniquely placed to communicate the experience of subjectivity. I think a multi-disciplinary approach is the best way to manage this, as no one discipline has all the necessary features to fully reflect the processes at work.

What’s the point? In a word, empathy, without which there is no art of consequence, or social justice. Indeed, we have the technological and economic capacity to put a post-scarcity society within reach today. What’s missing is recognition of the fundamental value of equality and the validity of each person’s experience. Art is crucial to that goal.

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