Hovey Brock
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I’m fascinated by consciousness. In painting, I actually see how my own consciousness plays out as the recursive process of building a surface creates the work. In video, the time-based nature of thought mirrors that quality in video. In social practice, I get to see how consciousness requires a social context in order to simply operate.

My research into consciousness has taken me into the uses of machine learning in order to better understand mental processes. Current models based on Bayesian inference, e.g. Markov blankets, Kalman filters and the like, illustrate how induction and learning happen. I am especially excited by the convergence of machine learning and neuropsychiatry. Freud’s original dream to map the activity of the human mind according to the organic processes of the body, a bottom-up approach, finally seems realizable.

I intend in my practice to engage the models that best capture the complexity of consciousness in play. I think a multi-disciplinary approach is the best way to manage this, as no one discipline has all the necessary features to fully reflect the processes at work. All art is illusion, and there is no greater work of art than the conscious self.

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